Restoration: Phyu Phyu's Story

Phyu Phyu's story is a testament to the power of hope, healing, and forgiveness in the face of adversity. Confronted with her family's severe financial challenges, rooted in her stepfather's abusive behaviors and addictions, Phyu Phyu faced incredibly difficult circumstances at a young age. Her mother, crushed by her abusive husband and in desperation and fear of the loan sharks, sold her daughter’s virginity. Her family's desperation led her into a situation that no young person should ever face. However, her journey took a transformative turn when she encountered the Eden drop-in center. 



At Eden, Phyu Phyu found a compassionate counselor who provided the support she needed to help her life take a new direction. This marked the beginning of her healing process. She made the brave decision to leave behind the painful aspects of her past and embrace a future filled with hope. The center offered her not only a safe refuge but also the tools for emotional and psychological healing.



As Phyu Phyu healed, so too did her relationship with her mother, who found the strength to leave a harmful situation and rebuild her life. Together, they embarked on a journey of forgiveness and reconciliation. Through mutual understanding and support, they restored their bond, turning a new page filled with love and shared joy.



Today, Phyu Phyu and her mother enjoy a life of newfound happiness, spending quality time together and cherishing each moment. Their story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the profound impact of compassion and support in overcoming life's most challenging obstacles.




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"The amazing work that Eden’s doing is changing lives one at a time. And it doesn’t stop with just bringing people off the streets. The restoration and renewal of hope through training of a trade and work placement is something truly admirable and sorely needed in this generation!"

Charissa | via Facebook