There are many ways you can join us in fighting the injustice of human trafficking. This includes: 

Buying Eden Jewelry

By purchasing and wearing Eden jewelry, you are fighting human trafficking in a tangible way. You are supporting Eden’s programs, advocating for a world free of slavery, and spreading a message of hope.

Speak up

Be light in your community, and speak up in your school, university, workplace, government, church, social group, and online regarding the devastating impact of modern-day slavery.

Even the smallest spark of public outcry can lead to monumental change.

Speak up for the women and girls who are daily exploited and abused, who are abandoned and filled with hopelessness. Speak up so that they can find freedom.


Interning with Eden provides hands-on experience and a behind-the-scenes look at nonprofit/social enterprise work. Internships are intensive, rewarding, and crucial to Eden’s work. A minimum 3-month commitment is required for general internships. Eden will provide a small stipend for interns. Eden accepts applications throughout the year. Depending on our current needs, opportunities are available in our US, Australian, and Asian offices.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Eden is always looking for full or part-time volunteers who are interested in using their industry knowledge and experience to fight against injustice. A minimum 3 months commitment is required. If you are interested in volunteering, please get in contact via


Help support Eden with a one-time or recurring donation to support our programs and help us fight against this unjust of human trafficking in South-East Asia. 

Click the button below to learn how your donation can help restore hope.


For more information on available roles, please contact us.