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What if your jewelry brought hope to the darkest trafficking hubs in Asia?

Eden jewelry does just that. We reach, rescue, and restore women coming out of human trafficking.

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Knots of Freedom

Shop the beautiful new additions to the Song of Freedom Collection. The 'Knots of Freedom' pieces tell the incredible story of Tho Tho's bravery, as she escaped her captives, to find a new life at Eden.


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Together with women rescued from human trafficking, we create precious jewelry that carries their stories.

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Each piece is inspired by a true story of courageous escape and lovingly handmade by rescued women.

restore hope

Your purchase makes a brave new life possible for a trafficking survivor.

Through therapy, vocational training, education, life skills, and more we empower survivors to create a new life.

empower communities

Your support ripples out into the world and creates hope where there was once only darkness. 

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Each design inspired by the true story of a trafficking survivor

each piece handmade by rescued women

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