Hope Not Hunger this Christmas

According to the World Bank, over the last two years, 22 million people have fallen into poverty as a result of COVID and the military coup. This Christmas, Eden is partnering with New Hope to address this issue.


Your donation of AU $35 provides essential food for 5 families for one week.



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There are millions of women trapped in sexual exploitation and forced marriage around the world.

Their stories represent the hope Eden’s programs provide. When you give to Eden, you change the world; one dollar, one life at a time.

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There are 19.5 million victims* of sexual exploitation around the world. 
Eden works to reach, rescue, and restore women who have experienced exploitation after being tricked by a family member, sold into debt bondage, or made a victim by poverty and lack of education.

Eden shares a message of love with these women. We help those rescued to hope again. At Eden, they are empowered to realize their dreams.

*International Labour Organization, 2017 

Every little bit helps the women at Eden.


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