Speak Up Collection Lookbook - 2022

The Speak Up Collection reminds us all to take courage and use our voices for those who cannot speak for themselves. This collection was created for those with the heart of an advocate and inspired by women like Marlar and Ei Zin.

Empowerment Collection Lookbook - 2021

The Empowerment Collection encourages the wearer to continue in their own personal battles. It is a reminder that we can overcome seemingly impossible obstacles by taking one small step at a time. 


Walk in Faith Collection Lookbook - 2021

The Walk in Faith Collection is designed to inspire you to step out in faith and take action to change your story and those of trafficking victims and survivors like Su Su as you share their stories and seek justice.


 Song of Freedom Collection Lookbook - 2021

Tho Tho's escape was not an instant rescue, it took weeks of accumulating scrap materials and knotting them together, to finally descend and have her feet touch freedom. 

Hidden Treasures Collection Lookbook - 2021

Courage and boldness are hidden treasures that are often buried within us and sometimes it is only in the darkest moments that we can find them to rise up against injustice, pain, hurt, and shame.  
The Hidden Treasure collection brings to light Mya Mya’s story, who in the face of injustice and trials, stood up for truth. 

 Issue Three - 2020 Collections

To each woman and girl we meet, hope is the most important thing we represent. Hopelessness thrives in places of injustice. It is in these places that we must stand as ambassadors of hope – not only seeking it in the halls of government, but also by going out into the streets, slums, and dingy brothels… by stepping into the darkness of Asia’s largest trafficking hubs. In these places, hope has the most power. It permeates the rabid injustice that pervades these atmospheres. Eden’s voice dispels despair. It declares new beginnings, possibilities, opportunities, and dreams. When you choose hope, anything is possible.