Globally, there are an estimated 49.6 million people trapped in modern slavery. Thiri used to be one of them after being trafficked into a foreign country at twelve years old. She was sold to over 20 men a day until she bravely ran for freedom at sixteen.

At Eden, she received the trauma counseling and vocational training needed to start a new life. This jewelry collection was inspired by the courage it took for her to sew her heart back together, piece by piece, after suffering under so many broken promises and abuse.

Each piece is delicately hand-sewn to create a beautiful tapestry, representing the hardship and beauty gathered up inside the hearts of Eden women that make them who they are – vulnerable yet strong, courageous in the face of fear, and full of hope.

Our hope that these pieces will inspire you to gather the pieces of your heart and find the courage to rise, perhaps still a little broken, and journey again.

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