We are committed to calling the nations to speak up until all are free from sexual slavery. Our mission is to extend God’s love to people who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation or sold as a bride, no matter their religion or ethnicity. At Eden, we care for the whole person: their physical, emotional, spiritual, economic, and social well-being. We journey with rescued women out of trauma and into a life full of dignity and hope.

Nandar was sold to sex traffickers by her aunt at age 14. She was among the 40.3 million victims of modern-day slavery in our world today


The only bit of light she experienced was when Eden Outreach visited the brothel where she worked. She was offered rapid HIV testing, a message of hope, and a plan for escape – all in 15 stolen minutes away from the watchful eyes of her pimp. We left her, and all the women we met, with our contact details and a delicate Committed pendant to remind her that we are here and ready to walk alongside her on her journey to dream again.


When Nandar made the call to Eden, we worked to remove all barriers to rescue. We talked her through how to get out of the brothel, assured her we would pay the taxi fare on arrival, and provided a safe place to live. At Eden, women like Nandar find a safe place to live and a restorative program of counseling, creative therapy, vocational training, and more. Nandar is comforted by Eden’s strong ties to the Anti Trafficking Police, government agencies, and nonprofits that refer other women like her to Eden. No matter how long it takes, they all find a loving and supportive home at Eden.

When Nandar came to Eden, she began trauma-focused therapy as the first step to healing. In art therapy, she painted a canvas depicting a dream for her new life. She then hung it, together with the dreams of the other Eden women, on Eden’s Dream Wall. Each day she passes these paintings. Nandar’s story changed from one of despair to one of hope. Next, she may begin a training program for her new career, or join our social enterprise making beautiful jewelry. Each piece is inspired by the true story of a courageous escape and handmade by rescued women. Each piece supports the rescue of more women just like Nandar. 


Each piece of jewelry is inspired by the true story of a courageous woman and handmade by rescued women. The profits from each of your purchases directly benefit the women in Eden’s comprehensive program to reach, rescue, and restore trafficking victims. From day one, a woman entering the Eden program earns a full-time wage making jewelry. The jewelry-making process itself is therapeutic. Creating pieces that carry stories of hope and courage into the world is empowering for survivors.

Each woman is paid a full day’s wage, but she only makes jewelry part-time. The rest of her hours are spent in counseling, art and dance therapy, and education classes. This structure allows our beneficiaries to focus on healing without the pressure of earning enough income for themselves or their families. As she learns to hope again, she paints a picture of a dream for her life and hangs it on our Dream Wall. We then work with her to achieve that dream.


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