Committed Mother's Day Gift Box (Available in Australia only)



This Mother's Day, share Eden's encouraging Committed story. Featuring our beautiful Committed Necklace in either 18- or 32-inches, The Freedom Hub's Petite Soy Candle and Dani Heywood Art's Padauk Tea Towel. This Mother's Day gift is one that not only inspires hope but it also supports multiple amazing organisations raising awareness and bringing positive change in our world today. 

 If you would like a message included in the gift box, please include instructions in the box labelled "Add Order Note" when checking out.


The Committed necklace is handmade with hope by rescued women and designed to connect an advocate like you to a woman like Thinzar.

Thinzar met the Eden Outreach team in a filthy, back alley brothel in a very poor slum. The delicate heart pendant we placed around her neck seemed so out of place in this dark, dilapidated place. Thinzar’s eyes lit up when we shared that, somewhere in the world, the woman who wore the outside half of Thinzar’s necklace was thinking of her. We then whispered a promise of hope that we will take care of all the barriers keeping her from escaping. We will answer her phone call, provide her with a place to go, pay her taxi fare, and open up the future for her. Two days after meeting Thinzar, the Outreach phone rang. She had escaped!

Thirty minutes later, she arrived at Eden with her half of the Committed necklace around her neck…

Read Thinzar's full story

What's in the Box?

Eden | Committed Necklace

18K gold-plated stainless steel pendant, gold-plated 18" or 32" chain, and clasp, with 1" extension chain.


 The Freedom Hub | Petite Soy Candle

The Freedom Hub Petite Soy Candle is handmade in West Pymble on the outskirts of Sydney. It is a perfect elegant and ethical gift with 15 hours of burn time.


The Freedom Hub

Human trafficking and slavery happen within Australian borders. This is unacceptable and The Freedom Hub exists to help people who have experienced these crimes. They are a registered Australian Charity who run a Survivor school providing long-term support for victims. Additionally, The Freedom Hub operate The Freedom Hub café, events space and online retail shop; each of these are ethical businesses where 100% of profits go towards supporting people who have experienced modern day slavery or human trafficking within Australian borders.
Support and find out more here.

Dani Heyward Art | Padauk Tea Towel

This piece was created in February 2021 when the armed forces in Myanmar carried out coup d’état against the civilian government. It is a visual representation of Australia’s connection to Myanmar through the work of Eden. The national flower of Myanmar, the Padauk, is depicted surrounded in the embrace of Australian native bush flora, including the Kangaroo Paw and the Flowering Gum. As a first world nation we extend our hand and hearts, and stand in support with the Myanmar people.

Printed in Australia on ACO Certified Organic Cotton

Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm

You can see more of Dani's amazing work on her website here.

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