Each woman that enters Eden’s program has her own story of courage. Before arriving in this safe and loving environment, she experienced a journey out of darkness. Eden restores her hope in the future and uncovers new possibilities for her life.

This is Eden Jewelry | The story of women who have escaped human trafficking in Asia

In Her Own Words

Su Su’s family was desperate to make ends meet. When a coworker told her about a better job in another country, she jumped at the chance to help her family. But she was sold into a forced marriage instead… this is her story of being rescued and restored:


Myat Noe was wearing her school uniform the day her neighbour tricked her into getting into her car. After a long drive, she was sold to a man who beat her and forced her to work in a brothel. One day, she saw the opportunity to escape....this is her story of being rescued and restored:



Of the 40.3 million trapped in slavery around the world, nearly half are trafficked for sexual exploitation. It is the second fastest growing criminal industry. 
We offer these women a message of hope and a plan for escape. At Eden, we surround them with love as they overcome trauma through intense trauma counseling, creative therapies, and meaningful work.


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