Here at Eden, due to COVID-19, we have temporarily shifted our focus in order to respond to the oncoming crisis impacting the most vulnerable communities in Myanmar. We have partnered with New Hope Myanmar, Mercy Outreach and LIFT.

With your help, we aim to make, provide and distribute:

36,000 reusable protective masks
16,000L of multi-purpose soap
- Nutritious food for 40,000 people


Please donate so we can provide emergency relief for these communities that are most vulnerable, as quickly as possible. Our partner organizations allow ease of giving across the globe. Please select your location below.


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The women in our program are now making masks and soap at our Eden shelters which will provide protection and spread hope into the communities where they are from. With the help of our partners, New Hope Myanmar and LIFT, these essential items will be distributed to over 40,000 people. We are also providing prevention and medical advice.

Eden received special permission from the Myanmar Government to continue to serve in the slum areas, even during lockdown, as this provision is vital to the survival of many.

COVID-19 introduces a new threat to these already vulnerable communities. Most households rely on daily wages to cover all their needs, and under lockdown it will be impossible to find work. 

Eden will continue to rise up and reach out to those in need during this time to provide emergency supplies to families. We want to ensure that livelihoods are protected while Myanmar seeks to combat the spread of COVID-19.

We know that after any disaster, human trafficking increases. We are planning and preparing a response for how to raise awareness and protect these communities in the aftermath of this public health and economic crisis.


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