Eden X Coca-Cola

On this International Women’s Day 2023, we are pleased to unveil the ‘Essential Elements Bracelets’, a collaboration of Eden Myanmar X Coca-Cola Pinya Beverages Myanmar. Eden Myanmar is an organization that strives to provide women and girls who have formerly been trafficked with job opportunities, access to services, and a forum for "voice of victim”.



Each of the bracelets has been handcrafted by a trafficking survivor and the bracelet features three strings that represent ‘Diversity’, ‘Equity’, and ‘Inclusion’, which are the essential elements to embrace in creating a better community. Each of the eight distinct artisanal clay beads, represents eight ethnic groups in Myanmar: Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Myanmar, Mon, Rakhine, and Shan.

Essential Elements bracelets can be bought from at the link below and the proceeds will go to Eden activities in humanitarian support, health care, trauma counseling, vocational training for empowering human trafficking survivors.


Also available for purchase via Facebook page.

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"The amazing work that Eden’s doing is changing lives one at a time. And it doesn’t stop with just bringing people off the streets. The restoration and renewal of hope through training of a trade and work placement is something truly admirable and sorely needed in this generation!"

Charissa | via Facebook